Storm Preparation in South Florida

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As we move into those summer months, we can’t forget that June 1st is the start of hurricane season here in Florida. Torrential downpour can sometimes just be a Tuesday afternoon, but on occasion, we experience those tropical storms that grow into hurricanes and harbor incredible wind speeds and amounts of rain.

South Florida is notoriously known for being a location in which we live but others vacation; especially when it comes to visiting our beaches. However, because we’re surrounded by water on three sides, we’re susceptible to natural disasters through most of the year. There are a few tips and guidelines homeowners should consider when it comes time to gear up for the season to reduce Storm Damage claims in Miami.

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Before you catch wind of the storm, make preparations beforehand at a gradual pace so when that time comes, you’re not scrambling to rearrange everything in your home. If you don’t have accordion shutters or impact windows, acquire metal or plastic shutters and start putting them on a few days prior to the storm.

If you have a backyard equipped with furniture like chairs, a barbecue, and other miscellaneous items, bring them inside. Of course, keep your vehicles in your garage and if possible, something doesn’t sound right) store your barbecue and outdoor furniture in that large storage space. Invest in the help of public adjusters if you find yourself with damaged furniture following the storm.

During the Madness

If there is a place nearby that is covered and being used as a safe haven during the hurricane, take advantage of it once you’ve secured your home. There may be certain circumstances that will prevent you from leaving your home or if you feel you’ve protected your home and are willing to stay in, then by all means, do so! Keep a radio close by to listen for news in case the power goes out and save all sources of power when you can.

After the Hurricane

With varying types of trees and nature surrounding our homes and businesses, the possibility for extensive damage is possible. If you’re not at home during the storm, it’s not likely that you know what’s happening on the exterior of your property. There could be real property damage after a solid storm; however, the main concern is to ensure that everybody is protected.

If you find yourself coming back to a property that’s damaged and vulnerable from the surrounding flora, consider the help of public adjusters. Your insurance company may or may not help you out, but with us, you receive all the help you need and then some.

What to Do When Everything Settles

When you have deliberately surveyed the harm to your home, contact Platinum Public Adjusters and then we’ll step in to assist you. With Platinum Public Adjusters, we survey what’s been damaged, make an assessment, then handle the whole claim process for you from start to finish. Instead of going through the hassle of paperwork, endless phone calls, etc. to get the money you deserve to repair your home, we’ll take care of everything. Help us help you by contacting our office. We’re happy to help, and we don’t get paid unless you do.

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