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We are experts at helping homeowners manage their storm damage claim process. We will professionally inspect the storm damage, help you file your claim, and negotiate the payment with your insurance provider to ensure you get the maximum payout fast!

Storm Damage Claims

Our licensed storm damage public adjusters and industry experts want to help you get your storm damage claim approved. We work hard to properly investigate, document, and submit your storm damage claim to ensure that it is processed and approved quickly. This means that your claim will be eligible for the highest settlement amount available to you.

Storm Damage Claims: Hurricane

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Living in Florida, hurricanes are part of a reality we face annually.

Hurricane damage is a very costly and dangerous threat to homes.

Hurricanes are encompassed with high winds and torrential rain. If you have experienced hurricane damage to your home, one of our licensed public adjusters will come out and review your potential claim.

Storm Damage Claims: Hail

Hail Damage Claims FloridaImpacts made by hail include broken windows, air conditioners, exterior wall dents, and roof damage.

Although the insurance may not cover cosmetic injury, take note of any harm that destroyed the interior or structure of your home or business that affects the quality of life.

Florida isn’t often plagued by massive amounts of hail; however, if it does happen to you and you need a hail damage public adjuster to review your claim, you know who to call.

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Storm Damage Claims: Wind

Wind Damage Claims Miami FLDangerous storms are relatively frequent in South Florida and sometimes develop without warning.

These natural disasters are very destructive and can cause extensive and costly damage to your home with high-speed winds.

If you have experienced storm damage to your home or weather-related property damage, one of our licensed public adjusters will come out and review your potential claim.

Storm Damage Claims: Lightning

Storm Damage Insurance Claims Miami FLWe are vulnerable to lightning strikes because Florida is the lightning capital of the United States.

Many homes, with thorough electrical inputs, are susceptible to lightning damage, and although it may not come in direct contact, it can still cause substantial damage.

If your home is harmed after a storm, give Platinum Public Adjusters a call.

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Platinum Public Adjusters specialize in helping business owners in South Florida and Southwest Florida areas

West Palm Beach, FL

$ 81,639

Original payment: below deductible

Fort Myers, FL

$ 58,990

Original payment: $11,379

Hollywood, FL

$ 136,745

Original payment: $16,745 deductible

Miami, FL

$ 716,388

Original payment: $65,210 deductible

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