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Platinum Public Adjusters is a licensed Florida public adjusting service. We help Collier County residents and business owners deal with the perils of filing residential and commercial property claims for damages. Insurance companies are looking out for their bottom dollar.
We look out for our client’s best interests.

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Coverage Areas in Collier County

Ave Maria
Everglades City
Golden Gate

Island Walk
Isles of Capri
Lely Resort

Marco Island
Naples Manor
Naples Park

Pelican Bay
Pine Ridge
Plantation Island
Verona Walk

Why Choose Platinum Public Adjusters For Your Collier County Claim

When filing an insurance claim for property damages, whether minor or major, a comprehensive inspection is crucial for securing adequate compensation. Our top public adjusters in Collier County know the local area and will meticulously examine every aspect of your property, leaving no damage overlooked. Overlooking even minor damages could lead to significant out-of-pocket expenses for repairs. Platinum Public Adjusters is the premier adjuster in Collier County, and we specialize in preventing costly insurance mistakes, ensuring your damage claim, whether residential or commercial, receives proper compensation. 

Beware, your insurance company may aim to minimize payouts. As the best public adjuster in Florida, we advocate against insurance companies to secure full and proper compensation for your damages. Trust us to navigate the complexities and fight for your rights, making your property whole again.

Platinum Public Adjusters Knows Collier County

  • Established nearly a century ago and named after Barron Collier, and advertising mogul and real estate developer. 
  • Population has doubled from 1990 to 2010.
  • The largest county in Florida with approximately 215,000 homes, mostly built between 1960 and 2009. 

Platinum Public Adjusters Insight: The Collier climate is subtropical which lends itself to large numbers of very intense thunderstorms. Due to its large coastal boundary, it is subject to hurricane and tropical storm impacts. Southwest Florida has the second-highest amount of cyclonic activity in the state. The combination of severe thunderstorms and cyclonic activity coupled with very flat land lends itself to flooding.

Many older homes and buildings suffer severe property damage due to flooding. As a result, the water damage repair cost to property owners is usually in the thousands. Many of these structures were built prior to building codes.

About Naples

  • Founded in 1886 and was named because of the bay’s similarity to Naples, Italy. 
  • The biggest city in Collier County with an economy largely based in tourism, agriculture, and real estate development. 

Platinum Public Adjusters Insight: It is located in a subtropical environment that exposes itself to very intense thunderstorms during the rainy season. Additionally, its vast coastal boundaries makes it very susceptible to hurricanes and tropical storms. The land is flat which lends itself to easy flood damage during strong storms.

The tropical environment of excessive heat and rain severely stresses residential and commercial roofs.

About Marco Island

  • A series of islands south of Naples.
  • Similar topography to Naples and surrounded by many water inlets.

Platinum Public Adjusters Insight: Just like the rest of Collier County, its subtropical environment is prone to strong storms. It is very susceptible to hurricane and tropical storm damage. Water damage due to flooding is common.

Platinum’s public adjuster Marco Island team has extensive experience helping to file property insurance claims. Our public insurance adjusters thoroughly evaluate your property claim for damages. We alleviate the headache of the claim process with your insurance company.

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Platinum Public Adjusters specialize in helping business owners in South Florida and Southwest Florida areas

West Palm Beach, FL

$ 81,639

Original payment: below deductible

Fort Myers, FL

$ 58,990

Original payment: $11,379

Hollywood, FL

$ 136,745

Original payment: $16,745 deductible

Miami, FL

$ 716,388

Original payment: $65,210 deductible

  • Residential & Commercial

  • Prevention Services

  • Homeowner’s Association
  • Apartments & Condos

  • Partial or complete loss of property use (Renter’s, Businesses, etc.)

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