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Sinkholes are common around the central and western areas of Florida. Counties like Pasco, Hernando, and Hillsborough are known collectively as “Sinkhole Alley.”

However, a sinkhole can still occur as a result of a large burst pipe underground. Sinkholes can be a costly repair especially if they happen underneath a structure such as a home or an office, causing significant structural damage.

We are experts at helping homeowners manage their sinkhole damage and structural damages claim process. We will professionally inspect the structural damage, help you file your claim, and negotiate the payment with your insurance provider to ensure you get the maximum payout fast!

Sinkhole Damage: Structural Warning Signs


• Cracks on Exterior Walls, Groundwork, & Interior Walls
• Sloping Floors, Decks, Structural Foundation
• Groundwater Accumulation
• Sinking & Falling Trees, Outdoor Furniture
• Ground Depressions

Sinkhole Damage: Collapse

sinkhole insurance claimSinkholes are most commonly found throughout Florida, residential and commercial property owners should be aware of the possible effects.

They occur where there are significant amounts of clay, and over time, erosion and deposition cause the sediment to cave in.

One of our licensed public adjusters will out and review your potential claim if you’re having an issue with your insurance company after this unfortunate event.

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West Palm Beach, FL

$ 81,639

Original payment: below deductible

Fort Myers, FL

$ 58,990

Original payment: $11,379

Hollywood, FL

$ 136,745

Original payment: $16,745 deductible

Miami, FL

$ 716,388

Original payment: $65,210 deductible

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