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Hail Damage Claims

In most states, hail damage is covered by a traditional home insurance policy, but different companies set the policies up in varying ways. Coverage for a hail damage claim can be a bit difficult to prove, and receive payment for. In a lot of states, hail comes down with such a force that damage is imminent. The top two states most likely to be struck by a hail storm are Texas and Kansas, but hail storms can affect your home no matter what state you choose to live in. For this reason, you should look over your homeowners insurance policy to make sure your hail damage coverage is in place, and enough to cover damages should they occur. If you feel that you don’t have enough hail damage coverage based on your current location, you can always contact your insurance company to see how to go about increasing your hail damage coverage.

Hail Damage Roof Insurance Claims Miami, Florida

Damage to your home from a hail storm can be hard to see. Often, the hail doesn’t leave signs of the damage that your home incurs. It is usually hidden, and can become worse over time. If you have recently had a hail storm in your area, look for dark areas on your roof, fallen roof granules, and loose shingles. These three items could mean your roof could deteriorate and have a shorter life expectancy due to the storm.

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What to do when you have a Hail Damage Roof Repair Insurance Claim?

If you find that you have incurred damage to your dwelling due to a hail storm, it is important to file an insurance claim as soon as possible. Most traditional homeowners policies require that any claims be submitted within a year of the damage occurring, but the sooner the better! Take photos of the damage and keep track of conversations with your insurer. Keeping track of each conversation that takes place will ensure that you have covered all of your bases, and the insurance company will not be able to backtrack regarding anything that they have told you previously.

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Contact Us for Help Filing a Claim and Scheduling a Roof Inspection.

When you are considering filing an insurance claim to pay for damages to your home, may sure you weigh your options. You should make sure that the damage to our property exceeds the deductible that you would have to pay to repair the home. If you don’t need to file a claim, don’t. Filing a claim may raise your insurance premiums in the future. You don’t want to end up paying more for a repair that you simply could have done yourself. If you don’t know how much damage you have actually incurred, it would be beneficial to enlist the expertise of a public adjuster.

If you find that filing an insurance claim for hail damage would be in your best interest, the public adjuster can assist you in moving forward with the claim. Public adjusters work for you, the client, and not the insurance company. The insurance company may try to dismiss your claim or give you less than what you deserve, especially if there was cosmetic damage to the property. Some insurance companies have the option to exclude payments for damages to walls, doors, roofs, and windows if they still work properly. A public adjuster will work directly with your insurance company to fight for the money that you are entitled to based on your homeowners insurance policy. After all, you should have the same quality workmanship done on the home that you had before the damage was incurred. Even cosmetic damages can affect resale value in the future- so getting them repaired is a must! 

Experience is an important quality when you are looking for a public adjuster. At Platinum Public Adjusters, we pride ourselves on our high level of experience with hail damage claims. Claims for hail damage are hard to document, and both weather and diagnostic technology may have to be used in order to determine that hail could have caused the damages subject to the claim.  Platinum Public Adjusters has the expertise, resources, and the ability to settle your claim for the amount you will need to get your home back to how it was before the damages were incurred.



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