What Property Insurance Adjusters Won’t Tell You

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Property insurance adjusters are experts at what they do. Despite their knowledge, there is information that they may not share with you. In this post “What Property Insurance Adjusters Won’t Tell You”, you will see what type of information they may have been holding back.

When it comes to property insurance things can get confusing pretty fast. It’s hard to know what questions to ask so you can be as informed as possible. But just what are those key pieces of information that you need to know?

As Platinum Public Adjusters, we prefer to give our customers all the information they need that your average property insurance adjuster won’t tell you. It is our duty to make sure you have the information you need and that you are taken care of when working with us.

The Job of Property Insurance Adjusters

You might be asking yourself, “What is an insurance adjuster?” In short, the job of property insurance adjusters is determining what is a fair amount of compensation regarding a settlement. To do this they must first verify your insurance claim.

In the case of a property insurance adjuster not only verifies the insurance claim brought to them, but they also have the duty of investigating the damages to the property. This investigation also includes going over reports made by the police and interviewing potential witnesses to the damage.

Insurance Property Adjusters Don’t Work for You

The property insurance adjuster does not represent you in any way, they are there on behalf of the insurance company. They do not have your best interests at heart, they are there to save their employer money while still fairly evaluating your claim and calculating a compensation amount that they deem fair to their employer and perhaps you as well. Property insurance adjusters then simply get paid a fee for their services by the provider.

Insurance Property Adjusters Do Not Want a Lawsuit

While property insurance adjusters will try to get you the lowest amount of compensation, that does not mean you are helpless to the amount they give you. Insurance companies do not want to have a lawsuit on their hands, potentially turning a claim into an even costlier lawsuit.

If there is a lawsuit between you and your insurer and the jury is sympathetic to your side, it could result in the insurance company paying you much more than the bare minimum they want you to give. All insurance adjusters, including ones that deal with property, want to prevent this from happening.

You Can Negotiate the Settlement Offer

Insurance adjusters don’t want you to know that have have the right to negotiate a claim settlement offer. Since they want to eliminate the potential of a lawsuit, you will have some room to work with. You don’t have to accept the first amount that they offer you, it is most likely their minimum offer and can go up from there.

Negotiating up to a more suitable amount is your right. The key to negotiating is first understanding the maximum amount an insurer will pay for a given policy. Making sure you have a strong case is extremely important as well.

Documenting the damages to your property, giving an honest account of your losses, good photographic evidence, and keeping a list of what your losses are vital to making your case stronger. A strong case will warrant higher compensation from your insurer. Whereas a weaker case will prevent you from getting the best compensation possible.

It Is Okay to Have a Professional Help You

The fact is filing a claim is a very difficult process. The property insurance adjuster might try to sway you to think it isn’t. But filing a claim is important and making an honest mistake could work against you.

Having a a public adjuster or lawyer by your side to help you is an excellent solution. Not only will they help you fill out your claim but they can also help find the best settlement for it.

Having a a public adjuster or lawyer help along with your claim also sends a strong message to your insurance adjuster that you will protect your rights.

Know Your Policy

Every insurance policy can have some loopholes or other types of exclusions that can prevent you from getting the appropriate settlement offer you need. Insurance companies have these setup to protect themselves, however, when you understand your policy clauses, you may be able to use them to your advantage. Working with an experience public adjuster can certainly help explain these to you.

Many insurance companies keep these loopholes to themselves to give them leverage and do not want the people they insure to know about them. They also understand that the more knowledge you posses, that more difficult it will be to pay you the minimum settlement offer. If you do not work with an experienced adjuster, you may fall victim to these loopholes.

Be Thorough When Giving Your Report

It is important to be honest with your property insurance adjuster. When you provide them with accurate and truthful information, then they will be better prepared to defend your claim. Any discrepancies between what they report and what the insurance company’s adjuster turn up will be investigate. If they find that you were misleading them, it can cost you the claim.

Anything you say that could suggest that you were negligent could result in you not being covered by your claim. To avoid this, be as detailed with your adjuster as you can be, or have a them help you formulate a statement.

Miami’s Best Public Adjusters

If you live in Miami, FL, and have suffered any kind of property damage then we we may be able to help. Whether it is damage from weather or damage caused by vandalism, we help you get the maximum settlement for your claim.

It doesn’t matter if your claim has already been settled or denied, we can make sure you get the compensation that is fair to you.

Contact us today and get the settlement you deserve!

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