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Having to deal with a burst pipe claim can be daunting. A burst pipe can quickly lead to water damage and cause thousands of dollars in damages. To make things worse, often insurance companies will go out of their way to refuse certain burst pipe damages. 

Here are the best things you do to maximize your chance at getting full insurance coverage, such as how to handle claims, how to get the highest insurance payout, and a process to claim process to have burst pipe water damage covered by insurance.

Often a burst pipe means a small lead which isn’t a big deal at first. But left unchecked for months it can lead to major water damage, ultimately resulting in moisture and mold growth. The sooner you catch a lead the better the chances at reducing potential water damage. 

There are a few things you can do to check for a burst pipe

  • Check for any strange smells
  • Check for lowered water pressure 
  • Check for bulging around your walls or ceilings
  • Check your water bill for any unexpected charges
  • Check for any water damage or discolorations

Suppose it’s too late and you find that your home has water damage. What next? 

Often times your homeowner’s insurance will cover water damage from burst pipes. But this will vary according to your insurance policy as well as the specific circumstances of the damage. 

Generally, if water damage resulting from a pipe breaking suddenly is usually covered but smaller leaks that cause damage over time aren’t covered. 

In any case, there are three general steps you can take for your insurance coverage.

  1. Contact your insurance provider who will suggest a remediation company that are often available 24/7
  2. Turn off the water or wait for the remediation company to arrive and get a hold of the situation
  3. Reach out to a public adjuster or contractor. A public adjuster is usually your best option because they can process your insurance policy and find the best coverage based on your situation. 

Contractors aren’t typically allowed to fight your insurance company on your behalf. A licensed public adjuster can negotiate for you and ensure that you get every penny that you’re entitled to.

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