What can a public adjuster do for you?

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What is a public adjuster?

A public adjuster is an individual that has been licensed by the state, in order to be able to manage insurance claims from start to finish for their clients (the policyholder). Public adjusters are able to negotiate with the insurance companies in order to get insurance claims adjusted to reflect a fair settlement for the client. Public adjusters are licensed professionals that are hired by the policyholder. They DO NOT work for the insurance company.

Of course, adjusters are supplied by the insurance company in order to determine the number of damages that the policyholder has incurred. However, these adjusters are paid by the insurance company to save them money! They assess your claim based on the least amount that it would take to repair the damaged effectively. They are responsible for investigating the claim, inspecting the damages, and appraisal of the damages.

Public adjusters do the same thing, essentially. But, they are also there to speak on behalf of the policyholder during the claims negotiations process. Typically, the insurance company just tells the policyholder the amount that they are willing to settle the claim for, and the policyholder takes that amount and the claim is closed. This isn’t always the best! There are many times that the damages cannot be repaired to the original quality with the amount supplied by the insurance company. Public adjusters know the amount needed to correctly fix the damages, and they also know how to make the insurance company give it to you. Public adjusters look after the financial interests of their clients, not the insurance company. They are there to make sure that the outcome of the claim is fair, and that the damages can be fixed properly.

A lot of public adjusters began their careers by working at an insurance company. They have the experience and knowledge needed in order to successfully file an insurance claim, and how to get the maximum settlement. Many public adjusters simply get fed up with working for an insurance company, and venture out on their own and begin working on behalf of the client.

In the world of adjusters, there are three types:

  • Staff Adjusters: These adjusters are hired by the insurance company, or actually are employed by the insurance company. 
  • Independent Adjusters: These adjusters are independent contractors that are hired by insurance companies to assist with the claims process.
  • Public Adjusters: These adjusters are hired by the policyholder in order to effectively manage the claim.

What separates public adjusters from other adjusters?

Public adjusters are the only type of adjusters that do not work on behalf of the insurance company. The policyholder hires the public adjuster to look over their claim, help build their claim, fight for their claim, and get them what they deserve under their policy terms. Oftentimes, the policyholder doesn’t even know what exactly is covered within their policy. Public adjusters can help decipher it and make sure that no stone goes unturned. 

Hiring a public adjuster will make the claims process much less stressful for the policyholder. Public adjusts come from all different levels of experience, so it is best to do your due diligence to make sure you are hiring one that is experienced enough to handle your claim and all that it entails. They also have different areas of expertise, whether it be storm damage or automobile claims.

Simply put, a public adjuster will most likely be able to get you more money for your claim than you would get on your own, dealing with your claim independently. They will take the hassle out of the process, and do all the “dirty work,” in order to provide you with a fair settlement that is acceptable by both parties. Paying a public adjuster in the beginning will typically result in a higher payment for you in the end. Not to mention, you won’t need to take time out of your busy day to take care of your claims process and answer the questions of the insurance company!

If you have experienced damage or a loss, contact a public adjuster to get you the settlement that you deserve, and get your repairs done in a timely and efficient manner. Make sure you are represented in the claims process and that you aren’t just another piece of paper on a desk.

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