Top 5 Reasons to Hire a Public Adjuster

Miami Property Damage Insurance Claims Adjuster

A Miami public adjuster is an individual that has been educated and certified to represent you when you find yourself in a situation where you need to file an insurance claim. Of course, your insurance company has their own adjusters that can come out and do an appraisal of your damages. When the insurance company sends an adjuster, they don’t always give the best result. After all, they are hired by the insurance company to assess your damage for them to pay out the least amount of money.

It is a well-known fact that those that seek the assistance of a public adjuster, see the claims process go much smoother and are awarded a better result. When an individual hires a public adjuster in their area, they can rest assured that they are on your side and fighting to get you the best settlement for your claim. 

Why Do I Hire a Public Adjuster?

There are a few beneficial reasons to enlist the help of a public adjuster:

  • Typically, those that file a claim settle for a lower amount than they are entitled to because they simply don’t feel like fighting with the insurance company any longer. When it comes to assessing, submitting, and completing an insurance claim, it is extremely time-consuming. When one has damages such as storm damages to their property, it is a very stressful time, and the insurance claim process adds to it. A public adjuster can do the “dirty work” for you, so you can focus on your family and your other daily activities.
  • Insurance jargon is hard to decipher. There are a lot of different processes, clauses, and legal terms with it when it comes to your insurance policy. It may be hard to determine what is covered and what is not on your coverage selections. There are many different issues that need to be touched in order to maximize your payout. Public adjusters can estimate the cost of damages, which will result in a higher settlement than what is typically offered by the insurance company. 
  • You could potentially receive a higher settlement. With a public adjuster, there is no conflict of interest. The adjuster hired by the insurance company has the main goal of determining the damages and coming up with the most minimal cost of repair. The public adjuster works with the main goal of figuring out the cost to restore your property to the previous state and integrity.
  • Because it is such a stressful time, policyholders have heavy emotions that sometimes those emotions come out in the form of yelling or foul information on the telephone with the representative. The claims process isn’t easy. The public adjuster will take the emotion out of the claim. They will find the bottom line and work with the insurance company to get you a fair settlement in a timely manner. 
  • Public adjusters are there to ensure proper follow up, and to provide all necessary documentation to the insurance company. Most policyholders feel that the insurance company handles their claim slowly and that they aren’t in a rush to get the policyholder back on their feet. Policyholders do not have the time to continually follow up on the claim, but public adjusters make it their priority to do so and make sure that the insurance company doesn’t have any reason to drag their feet on the settlement process. 


It is never too late to contact a public adjuster. They are able to jump in and work for you to get the best result from your claim, even if it is already in process. The public adjuster will work directly with your insurance company, saving you time and stress.

Let a public adjuster work for you to get you the money that you are entitled to, and to get your property restored with the same amount of quality that it originally possessed. Public adjusters truly have your best interests at heart and do not want to see you accept a settlement for less than you deserve.

You shouldn’t have to dig into your own pocket to repair your property when you pay your monthly premiums to your insurance company to so so. Don’t let the insurance company give you a low settlement- contact a public adjuster today!


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