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When purchasing a home, it is important to take into account the area that the home is in. Many people think about the school systems, crime rate, and overall appearance of the neighborhood. Very rarely do people think of the potential damage that can be caused to the home in the area in which they purchase. When damage occurs, sinkhole public adjusters Miami is there to assist with the remediation process.

It is scary to think that the ground below your home can collapse and that the home could be swallowed up by the hole that is left. A sinkhole is a portion of the ground that does not have any drainage. When it rains, there is nowhere for the water to go, so the water stays in the hole that forms over time. This hole progressively gets bigger as more water drains into it. Sinkholes vary in size, from a few feet to acres in length, and have been reported to go upwards of a hundred feet deep. Sinkholes are a rare occurrence, but they are devastating and cause a tremendous amount of damage. When the land below the home can no longer support the weight above it, sinkholes can occur.

Sinkholes are more likely to occur in lands that have more limestone, salt beds, rocks, or carbonate rocks that naturally erode over time by groundwater. When these rocks begin to erode, empty spaces form below the surface of the ground. You may be unaware that a sinkhole is forming below your property until the hole below the surface becomes too big. They form slowly, and it is rare to see any changes in the soil from above it. Sinkholes can cause small collapses, or huge damage, depending on the size of the hole below the ground. Sinkholes are most common in Florida and other southern states. 

There are three types of sinkholes that are common in Florida, and sinkhole public adjusters in Miami have the knowledge to work through the damage to provide an accurate estimate of the damages.

The two types of sinkholes are:

  • Dissolution: This is the most common type of sinkhole that occurs in Florida. In Dissolution sinkholes, cavities are created beneath the soil. When water hits the rock surface, small depressions form. The depressions that occur guide the water to different focus points, making the dissolution process occur quicker.  Rainfall and other water begin to pool in a certain area beneath the ground, weakening the soil and carrying sediment and rock to other areas.
  • Cover-Subsidence: This type of sinkhole develops over time. Sediment moves to different openings in the rock below the surface and forms a column. Dissolution and sediment movement continues until there is a noticeable change in the land surface. This slow form of erosion will create indentations in the land over time and may be unnoticeable for a long period of time. 
  • Cover-Collapse: These sinkholes develop within a few hours and cause the most damage. When there is a lot of clay in the land, these sinkholes thrive Erosion, drainage on the surface, and the movement of sediment from a circular depression. Sediments fall into open cavities below the surface, and the sediment begins to form an arch. The cavity moves upwards and breaches the surface of the ground. This creates a sudden sinkhole that creates a lot of damage to the contents on the surface. 

When damage occurs, it is important to contact your homeowner’s insurance company immediately. This will get the claim process started, and will get your claim resolved quicker. Typically, the insurance company will send one of their own claims adjusters to inspect the damage and provide an estimated cost to repair to the insurance company. Keep in mind that the insurance company adjuster works for the insurance company, and will provide a minimal amount of repair to the insurance company as a suggested settlement of the claim.

Sinkhole public adjusters Miami are able to get you the settlement that you deserve. When you reach out to a sinkhole public adjuster in Miami, they will come out and assess your damages, and provide an accurate estimate of the damages. Sinkhole public adjusters are paid for by the person that incurred the damages; however, you are likely to get a higher settlement amount from the insurance company by utilizing a sinkhole public adjuster in Miami. The sinkhole public adjuster can work directly with the insurance company to get you the money that you need to get your property repaired to the state it was in before the damage occurred. 

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