Pipe Claims Damage Insurance Adjuster

Miami Property Damage Insurance Claims Adjuster

Pipe Claims Damage Insurance Adjuster

When it comes to homeownership, the tiniest leak can cause the biggest problems. Leaks cause mold, and as we all know, mold causes major property damage. Water damage caused by plumbing leaks is usually significant. Over the years, many homeowners have filed claims related to pipe claims. Plumbing issues can be severe and instant, due to a burst pipe, or they can happen gradually over time, due to a small leak.

Pipe Damage Claim Causes

A leak can leave the homeowner stumped. There usually isn’t a cut-and-dry reason for why it happened, and there are many reasons why it could occur. Below are the most common reason for pipes leaking or bursting:

  • Tree roots.
  • Home settling over time.
  • Uneven water pressure.
  • Drastic changes in temperature.
  • Rusty pipes.

In most cases, baseboards, carpeting, walls, and household items will need to be replaced due to the water damage incurred. All visible damage should be logged and photographed in order to submit with the insurance claim. When you have all of the evidence to support your initial claim, it is time to make the call to your insurance company.

How to Follow a Pipe Damage Water Claim

It is important to follow specific steps when filing a homeowner’s insurance pipe claim. In addition to taking photographs and a logged account of damages, you should also keep a running log of conversations with your homeowner’s insurance company. Make sure to include what is discussed, steps that need to be taken, the date of the conversation, the time of the conversation, and the representative’s name and ID number for each interaction. This way, there is no back and forth “he said she said” conversations in the future.

After the company receives an account of your claim, they will determine if the claim is valid. If it is, they will send out an adjuster to look at the damages and assess what it will cost to repair them. This adjuster works for the insurance company, so they are looking out for what is in the interest of the homeowner’s insurance company. This means that they typically are not looking out for what is in your best interests. They will assess the damages with the lowest cost to repair, and the lowest value possible for covered items. Adjusters sent by the insurance company will look at where the damage is, if it is an old or new pipe if the pipe is rusty, if there are signs of wear, or if the damage could be due to age deterioration. They will bring their findings back to the homeowner’s insurance company and suggest a repair cost for the damages they have seen.

When the adjuster reports back to the insurance company, the insurance company will then provide a settlement to you. If you feel that the settlement offer does not reflect the cost to repair your home and replace items to get the home back to its original condition, it is time to hire someone that is on your side, and willing to fight for you.

If you find that the settlement offer seems low, contact a public adjuster and explain your situation. The Miami public adjuster will come to your location and provide a fair and unbiased opinion of what it will cost to repair the home, including any underlying conditions, and then contact the homeowner’s insurance company for you. This can even be done before you file your initial claim! Public adjusters can work directly with your insurance company, instead of taking care of all the calls and dealing with all of the frustration. Letting public adjusters handle your claims process is the most stress-free way to take care of your homeowner’s claim.

The public adjuster will work with your homeowner’s insurance company to get you the fair amount of money that you deserve. They may utilize the photographs and your logged evidence of conversations in their report for the insurance company, so make sure you hold on to everything!

Public adjusters are beneficial for one simple reason: They know the company’s next move. By staying one step ahead of the insurance company, they are often able to get you a higher settlement than originally anticipated. Most policyholders don’t know every nook and cranny of their insurance policy, but public adjusters dissect them in no time at all to see what you are actually covered for. Public adjusters have a long history of recovering damages related to pipe claims. Get in touch with a public adjuster immediately after noticing damage to file your pipe claim right away!

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