How Long After a Storm Can I File a Claim

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After a storm, it is important to check your home as soon as possible to make sure that there was no damage to your property. Storm damage public adjusting might be required. If you find that damage has occurred, your next question may be “Who is going to pay for this repair?” It is in your best interest to file a homeowners insurance claim as soon as possible after discovering that there is damage to your property. Typically, homeowners insurance claims are pretty straightforward, but if there was flooding it could be a little harder. The federal government manages flood insurance, so the filing and processing of any claims related to flooding could take longer than other claims through your homeowner’s insurance policies.

When filing a claim for damages to your home after a storm, be sure to keep records of everything and document all conversations. Make sure you have photos of your home and the items that are in it before any storm damage occurs. The insurance company will need to know what was there in order to assess damages. The photos will also prove that you had the item and the change to its condition after the storm occurred. Conversations should be noted, including date, time, and what was discussed. If you need to discuss an issue at a later time, you will be able to pinpoint the exact time that the initial discussion occurred. In-person meetings should also be noted, such as meetings with the insurance adjuster. 

You have a couple of additional options available as resources to ensure that you are getting the best settlement from your insurance company for your storm damage claim.

  1. Contact a local contractor to come and assess the damages to your home. The contractor will be able to give you a repair estimate for your damages, so you have a rough estimate to go by when speaking to the insurance company. If you need to make any repairs before a settlement is reached, emergency repairs by the contractor should also be included as part of the settlement- so save your receipts! If you can no longer live in your home, hotel costs may be given upfront, in accordance with your homeowner’s insurance policy.
  2. Contact a public adjuster. A public adjuster can come to your home and look at the repairs that are necessary to bring your home back to the condition that it was in before the storm. They will also assess the damages to your personal property. In most cases, the public adjuster can even work with your insurance company on your behalf in order to ensure that you get the most out of your claim and that you won’t be left with more repairs in the future.

Of course, the two options above do come with a price tag, but it is minimal compared to the amount of money the insurance company could be holding back from you. The adjusters sent from the homeowner’s insurance company work for them, so they try to release the least amount possible for the claim. Public adjusters and contractors work for you, the client, and will give you honest quotes for the work needed in order to optimally repair your home. Your home should have craftsmanship of the same quality that it had before it was compromised by the storm.

How Do I Know if My Claim Settlement is Accurate?

Without any experience in the insurance business, it is difficult to know if your claim is being settled in a fair manner. The public adjuster is able to settle the claim on your behalf and make sure that the settlement is fair and accurate. This is extremely beneficial if the claim is for a large dollar amount, as the insurance company typically takes longer to pay these claims out. Public adjusters minimize the amount of time between your loss and the resolution, making sure that you are living happily in your home much sooner than if you had gone through the claims process on your own.

The sooner you file your claim, and get assistance with it as needed, the sooner you will be enjoying life in your home again. It is not advisable to wait to file a claim after noticing that you have damage, as it will be harder to prove what had caused the damage. Weather reports, additional claims filed in the area, and the damage itself, are almost apparent the closer you file the claim to the time that it happened. 

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