How to Dispute a Homeowners Insurance Claim Denial

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Purchasing a home and choosing a homeowner’s policy is stressful, and should be taken very seriously. When you choose your homeowner’s insurance policy and coverages, it is supposed to feel like a relief! Knowing that your home is covered in the event something serious happens is a weight lifted off of your shoulders, and is supposed to keep money in your pocket.

Homeowner’s insurance is supposed to relieve financial stress and be in effect to get damages to your home repaired in a timely and professional manner. However, your expectations may be a bit different from the reality you face. Unfortunately, some claims are underpaid or denied by the insurance company. This is often where a top team of Floridian Public Adjusters is needed.

But what happens when your claim is paid short of your expectations, or it is denied? Insurance claims are frustrating to submit, and even more frustrating when they are declined for fall short of expectations. More often than not, homeowners and their insurance companies dispute the damage.

This happens due to fine print, low appraisals, and other aggravating items that can come up during the claims process. If you feel that your claim was denied or underpaid, you do not have to accept what the insurance company says. You have the right to negotiate your claim and get a better settlement, or a reversal of the denial.

Insurance claim denials are pretty common within the industry. Some claims are denied for good reason, while others are declined due to a mistake made by the client or the insurance company representative. There could have been a filing error, or your policy terms and conditions could have been misread by the employee reviewing the claim. If someone new or inexperienced was handling your complex case, some items could have gotten overlooked within the claims process. 

How to Dispute an Insurance Claim Denial

A public adjuster can be hired in order to go over your policy and explain your coverages. Sometimes, the confusion lies between what is actually covered by the insurance policy, and what the client actually thought they were paying for. It is important to know the in’s and out’s of your policy before getting upset about a denial. The adjuster can help to determine if you should be covered for the damage submitted with the claim, and what dollar limits you are entitled to per your specific policy. If you are right, and you should be covered for the damages, this will help to strengthen your argument.

The public adjuster will look over the damages subject to the claim and come up with a fair amount for the settlement based on the loss at hand. The appraisal done by the public appraiser determined what was damages and the amounts to repair or replace the damaged items. The appraisal does not mean that this is what the insurance company has to pay, unless outlines as such in the homeowner’s insurance policy.

The public adjuster can then review the actual claim that you submitted to the insurance company. They can review the claim with your insurance company directly in order to get some clarification as to why the claim was settlement was lower than expected, or why it was denied. Once the information is gathered from the insurance company, the public adjuster can get to work to prepare additional documents to prove your case for more money, or a claim approval.

Once the public adjuster has gathered all of the information that they need, they will contact the insurance company again. This takes the stress off of the client, and helps to ease tension in the situation. The public adjuster will work with the insurance company until the matter is resolved, and your claim has been paid appropriately. 

How to Fight an Insurance Claim

If you have found yourself in the unfortunate position of having your homeowner’s insurance claim underpaid or declined, it is important to contact a public adjuster to find out what to do next. Do not get argumentative with your insurer, but letting your emotions take over will get you nowhere. The public adjuster will rationally and logically take care of the situation for you. The Miami public adjuster will save you time, trouble, and stress while getting the matter under control and resolved in a timely manner. Let them do the digging and hard work, while you enjoy time with friends and family. 

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